Cholesterol in Foods

Cholesterol in Foods
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Although a diet high in saturated fat is the main cause of high blood cholesterol levels, eating foods high in cholesterol can also raise blood cholesterol levels. And usually the effect is twice as bad, because foods high in cholesterol are usually ALSO high in saturated fat.

]]> Table 1. Foods High in Cholesterol Food Serving Size Cholesterol Boiled egg 1 225 mg Cream cheese 1oz 27 mg Cheddar cheese 1oz 19 mg Butter 3.5oz 250 mg Lamb 3.5oz 70 mg Beefsteak 3.5oz 70 mg Chicken 3.5oz 60 mg Kidney, beef 3.5oz 375 mg Liver, beef 3.5oz 300 mg Ice Cream 3.5oz 45 mg Sponge cake 3.5oz 260 mg

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]]> Table 2. Foods Low in Cholesterol Food Cholesterol All vegetables 0 mg All fruits 0 mg All grains 0 mg All pulses 0 mg All nuts 0 mg All seeds 0 mg All vegetable oils 0 mg

Source: Amended from Pennington, J. Food Values of Portions Commonly Used, Harper and Row, 14th ed. New York, 1985.

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