How to Lose Weight – Get a Weight Loss Incentive.

Get an Incentive!
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Healthy Weight Loss Program For REAL PeopleHealthy Diet AdviceHealthy Weight What would you say if a complete stranger walked up to you in a bar and suggested s**?

You’d probably be horrified! But suppose he offered you a million pounds for your trouble? Would you reconsider? I bet you would! According to a recent UK survey, 80 per cent of women would have s** with a stranger for a mere £20,000!

The Moral?
A good incentive helps us to overcome all sorts of doubts!

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It’s the same with weight loss!
If you want to lose weight, get yourself a good incentive! It makes dieting a lot easier.

And in case you can’t think of one, here are a few suggestions.

  • Losing weight gives you lots more energy
    Instead of feeling constantly tired, you bounce out of bed and carry on bouncing all day. You move more easily and work faster so you have more time to spend on yourself.
  • It makes life more fun
    Shopping is more fun, going out is more fun, dancing is more fun, exercise is more fun, eating out is more fun and s** is more fun.
  • It makes you more confident 
    You’ll stop worrying about your figure, you won’t feel embarrassed about your fat thighs, and you won’t get ‘put down’ by ignorant family or friends.
  • It makes you feel more feminine
    Let’s be honest, waddling around in XXL tracksuits is hardly conducive to feeling feminine. I think we’d all prefer to glide around in slim jeans, don’t you?
  • It saves you money
    Many of my slimmers save a fortune on their regular shopping bill because they’re not buying expensive junk food. What’s more, they spend less time and money at the doctors.

If this doesn’t add up to a great incentive to lose weight, I’m a banana.

Besides, if you stay fat, who’s going to offer you a million pounds for your body?

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