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Don’t Try to be Perfect!
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Goodbye Mrs. Perfect

No matter how hard we try, we can never be Mrs. Perfect. It’s impossible!

The more we try, the more we fail and the more we blame ourselves.
Result? Our self-confidence shrinks to the size of a pea and our happiness runs out the door.

For example
Suppose you start a diet. You say to yourself, this time you are going to be Mrs. Perfect. This time you are really going to lose weight. So what happens? To begin with, all goes well. Then you have a bad day. Perhaps the washing machine goes berserk and floods the kitchen. Perhaps your boss is in a bad mood at work. Or perhaps your husband rings up to say he needs the car so you can’t go out, as planned.

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Whatever the circumstances, the effect is the same. You feel like clubbing someone to death. But you don’t have a club, so you eat a cookie instead. Then another, and another. By the time you realize what you have done, your day’s diet is in ruins. Even so, it’s not really a big problem. After all, what does one day matter? But things don’t stop here, because now comes the guilt!

Like a mighty flood it rushes in the door and destroys everything, including your dream of being Mrs. Perfect. Instead of being Mrs. Perfect, you feel like Mrs. Complete-Failure.

Result? You are so disgusted with yourself that you tear up your diet and go on a huge binge, which leaves you even fatter than you were in the first place.

This is what happens when we try to be Mrs. Perfect? All we get is guilt, failure and self-disgust, followed by a fattening binge.

Take my advice: stop trying to be Mrs. Perfect and be yourself!
Then, the next time you eat ten cookies when you’re dieting, you won’t feel you’ve committed mass-murder. Instead, you’ll be able to say to yourself: ‘So I’ve lost a day’s dieting, so what?’ And when the mood passes just go back on your diet.

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