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What diet strategies can help reduce stress?

As stress naturally increases cellular activity and reduces the effectiveness of the digestive system it leads to nutritional deficiencies and therefore a diet of nutrient dense foods needs to be followed.

The recommendation is a 60-75% raw food diet, full of fresh fruit and vegetables, which not only supply valuable vitamins and minerals, but are also rich in compounds called flavanoids, which help to counteract stress.

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Fresh vegetable juices particularly green juices containing chlorophyl, and home made soups are ideal as well as alfalfa, garlic and ginger to support the immune system, and kelp, kombu and watercress to support the thyroid gland.

Lots of bottled, distilled or filtered water should be drunk to prevent dehydration. Kombucha tea is revitalising and detoxifying and helps to boost the immune system.

Foods to avoid are processed foods, artificial sweeteners, carbonated soft drinks, chocolate, fried food, red meat, sugar, white flour products, preservatives and additives.

Also, avoid alcohol as it increases adrenal output and interferes with normal brain chemistry, and caffeine, as it causes depression and insomnia.

Food should be eaten in small amounts at regular intervals to prevent acidic problems, aid digestion, and maintain blood glucose levels.

The key nutrients for stress are those that aid the adrenal glands, which are the tranquilising mineral, Magnesium (best taken in the evening) and all the B vitamins, in particular, Vitamin B5 to prevent adrenal atrophy. Urinary excretion of Vitamin C increases under stress so extra should be taken to support the cells and immune function. Other nutrients include DL Phenylalanine, an amino acid, that helps to elevate mood, vitamin E, to counteract cholesterol damage, and Co Q 10 to protect the mitochondria against oxidative stress.

SOURCE: Wholistic Research Company

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