Anne Collins USA diet,the easy weight loss plan for hopeless slimmers.

Anne Collins USA diet  US$12.00
The easy weight loss plan for hopeless slimmers

“Good for women’s health, good for men’s health and a great way to improve your daily eating habits. 
If you think that dieting means pain, hunger and deprivation, my diet will change your attitude for ever.”

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Easy breakfasts
Easy lunches
Easy main meals
Easy desserts
Easy snacks

Tackles the real issues
Improves your eating habits
Lowers your fat
Fills you full of food
Gives you energy

So simple
Food labels made simple
Shopping made simple
Fat made simple
Cooking made simple
Heart disease made simple

Good for women’s health
Good for your heart
Good for your immunity
Good for your energy

Photo of Anne Collins, one of Ireland's most experienced weight-loss consultants.
Welcome to my easy USA diet.
If you follow my advice, you’ll lose weight and change your life.
Trust me.”

I’m always here to help.
If you need extra help 
while dieting, check in with me 
weekly, by email.”

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Sensible expert advice
All your questions answered
Anne’s 12 great rules
A complete eating plan
A complete shopping list
Over 80 easy recipes
Great cooking tips

Eat out – stay slim
Tips on Italian/Mexican/Chinese
Salads/sandwiches & lots more

Packed with advice
Wonderful motivation
Stories – case-histories – facts
Lots of tips and tricks
An easy way to give up candy
365-day Helpline

Lose weight fast
Health Benefits 
Sample menu
Ask Anne a question

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The Anne Collins Diet
The easy weight loss plan for hopeless slimmers

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