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Fat substitutes can play a role in weight control, but they are far from being a complete solution. Nine Americans out of ten consume reduced-fat products. Yet obesity rates continue to rise. The American Heart Association’s (AHA) Nutrition Committee has been looking into fat substitutes and concluded that you should see them as just part of your healthy eating plan.

Fat Substitutes – Dietary Fat Reduction – Health Effects

Fat substitutes are compounds that simulate the moisture retention and texture of fat. They’ve certainly contributed to a decrease in fat consumption. However, you also need to think about portion size and calorie content – some low fat products are still high in sugar and calories. There’s also concern, says the AHA, about the health effects of some fat substitutes – such as olestra, which is used in low fat crisps. Olestra reduces the absorption of fat soluble nutrients, like vitamin E. Small portions – an ounce of crisps, not the whole packet – are probably best, when it comes to olestra. In short, low fat foods need to be just part of a nutritious diet which also includes lots of fibre, fruit and vegetables.

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Source: Circulation, June 2002

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