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If you want to lose weight and boost your fitness levels, has tons of information and resources to help you achieve your health goals. In particular, we offer a range of advice about Exercise To Lose Weight and a full Guide To Calories In Food, as well as facts about Exercise And Weight Loss and How To Raise Metabolism.


The two basic types of weight reduction exercise are cardio-aerobic workouts and weight training workouts. Aerobic exercise (eg. fast walking, treadmill training, swimming, cycling, jogging, skipping and running) burns more calories, but weight training (aka resistance training) using weights and gym machines (eg. stepper, elliptical trainer) increases muscle mass and raises resting metabolic rate.

Joining our weight loss diet program gives you tons of information to help you to reduce weight and improve fitness levels. It also offers FREE access to our Weight Loss Community Forum – which includes a separate exercise forum – for extra motivation to lower your weight and raise your fitness.

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