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]]> Q. I am 50 pounds overweight but I hardly eat anything. Why is this?

Perhaps because you are eating small amounts of calorie-dense foods, or high fat snacks.

Remember, fat has more than twice the calories of any other food so even small amounts may cause you to put on weight. So check food labels and monitor your fat-intake.

  • A small Danish can contain more calories than a plateful of beans on toast
  • A tablespoon of mayonnaise contains more calories than a slice of wholemeal bread and jelly (jam)
  • A small scoop of luxury ice-cream can contain more calories than a big bowl of cereal

Alternatively, you may be distracted when you eat. Do you eat on the move, or as you watch TV? If so, you may realize how much you’re actually eating. Nibbling leftovers can also help to boost calorie-intake.

Keep a food diary for 7 days and list everything you eat and drink.

If you neither eat high fat foods nor eat while distracted, have you gained weight recently?

If so, you might consider having a word with your doctor. It is possible that your thyroid has become under-active for some reason. It is not likely, but it is worth eliminating as a possible cause of your weight gain.

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