How Much Weight to Lose on Anne Collins Diet Program

How Much Weight You Can Lose On Anne Collins Weight Management Program

No matter how much or how little
weight you want to lose, my
program will help you to reach
your goal. It caters for all types
of dieter including those with
severe clinical obesity as well as
those who simply want to lose
their last 10-15 stubborn pounds.

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Anne Collins Weight Loss Program How Much Weight You Can Lose

Anne Collins Program: Top Achievers

Of the thousands of women, men and teenagers who have lost weight on the Anne Collins Weight Loss Program, here are the top losers.

Female Record
Lost 140 Pounds (2006)

Male Record
Bob C. (2004)
Lost 102 Pounds

Teenage Record
Jo F. (Aged 16)
Lost 51 Pounds (2003)

Husband/Wife Record
Bob/Suzanne: Lost 158 Pounds (2004)
Mr/Mrs MP: Lost 150 Pounds (2005)

Lose On Average 10 Pounds a Month
Anne Collins Weight Loss Program helps you to lose an average of 10 pounds a month. This adds up to 60 pounds over 6 months or about 120 pounds in one year. If you are 200 pounds, or more, you may lose weight more rapidly.

Fastest Possible Fat Loss
Unless you are very overweight, the maximum amount of body fat you can lose is about 10 pounds a month. If you lose more, it is likely to be mostly muscle loss or water loss, which is not helpful or healthy.

Learning Good Eating Habits Prevents Weight Regain
Losing weight is relatively easy: maintaining your weight loss is the difficult bit. Anne Collins Weight Loss Program shows you how to eat right, which makes it much easier to maintain your weight loss.

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Weight Loss Results: Feedback From Members

Here are a few typical comments from members of my program about how much weight they have lost. All personal details have been changed to maintain privacy.

Thanks for the great Booster Diet. I love it, it’s so easy….. I have now lost 53 pounds. I feel great and look great. Being from a small town is different and everyone notices everything!! A lot of people have been asking me what I am doing so you are probably famous in Drayton Valley. I never thought that I would go back to almost my original weight before I got married and had four children. It is so much fun to shop and my husband is very happy too. One of his colleagues said to him that they had seen him with his “new wife” and all he could say was “for goodness sake don’t tell the first one” Thanks again for making it possible.

Another progress report… Suzanne is down to 112 – an approximate 56 pound loss. I’m down to 168 – a weight loss of 102 pounds!
Bob & Suzanne – Jointly lost 158 pounds

Joining your weight loss program was the best $20 we ever spent, I have lost 50 pounds and my wife has lost 100 pounds! Everyone wants to know what diet we’re on. My wife has even been asked a couple of times if she has had gastric bypass. We are quick to tell them, just order your program, follow it, and exercise. We feel better, look younger, and have a lot more energy! So, thank you for helping make it so easy. I have attached before and after pic’s of my wife.
MP (Alabama)

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Hi Anne,
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful web site. I recently completed a 10 week diet sponsered by my work place. With the help of your low carb diet I was able to lose 24 pounds over the 10 week period. I still need to shed about 12 more so to change the pace, I am going to try your 14 day diet booster. I’m sure with the help of your web site that I will be successful. Once again, thanks, I have never felt so wonderful and I think your customer service is awesome.
Shelley B (NY)

Hello Anne
I checked the scale this morning and I am down to 202 pounds from 242! I am ELATED!!! I cannot believe I have lost 40 pounds! And I couldn’t have done it without your help! I am getting closer and closer to my goal!
Alexandra (Michigan)

Hi Anne,
When I joined your weight loss plan nine months ago, I was confused and bitter about lots of different things in my life – especially my weight. I won’t list all these things – the list would be too long!! – but I can say that with your help I can now see some light at the end of the tunnel. Your motivation advice especially has been a huge help. Anyway, I am now 60 pounds lighter and my husband can’t stop telling me how different I am and how much better I look!! This alone has made a big, big difference to my life and I wanted to say how thankful I am. You don’t know how much happier I am and what a difference you have made to me. Bless You!
LO (Illinois)

I am soooo excited! This morning the scales say 120 pounds… my lowest weight ever!! That’s 41 pounds in less than 5 months! I tried calling my boyfriend but he was out so I had to send you this message. Yipee for me!
Fay (North Carolina)

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Dear Anne,
“I’m writing to thank you for your wonderful weight loss program and your unbelievably caring support… I’ve lost 62 pounds but much more important – I’ve regained all my confidence…..You have literally changed my life… As I write this, my eyes are filling up with tears. How can I thank you?…”
Louise B.

I started your plan just over a week ago, weight last Tuesday was 236 pounds. This morning was a shock, my weight today is 210 pounds!!! This is a terrific flying start! So I shall raise my glass to you tonight! Cheers!
Judy (London)

Dear Anne,
I have been on your diet now for approx 4 weeks and the weight is coming off at about 3-4 lbs a week. I was very doubtful about a diet because of being on anti-depressants as they make you gain weight rather a lot. I feel so much better for eating 3 meals a day and my blood sugar level must have levelled out, as I don’t get the highs and lows in the day.
Audrey (Wisconsin)

Lemme tell ya… Anne Collins diet is the best thing I’ve ever done – i’ve already lost 14 lbs in 6 weeks and i’ve never felt better. THANKS ANNE!!! You are the best!!
Digby (NY)

Dear Anne,
My wife and I are both on your diet and it is an excellent way to eat a more heathy way. It is not that difficult once you follow your rules. So far (it’s only been 4 weeks) I’ve lost 16 pounds and she’s lost 15 pounds – so it’s neck and neck! Thanks for the great support.
Tom (Missouri)

I have been on your diet for 11 weeks. I am so thrilled with my success. I have lost 25 pounds. I only want to loose another 5 pounds and then maintain my goal weight. The maintaining has been my problem in the past. But with your support I’m confident I can do it.
Mary-Jo (Illinois)

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Hello Anne:
Just a quick update for you. As of today, July 22, I am down 90 pounds to 180. I have not been this lean since I was 18 years old. I will be 51 in 9 days! A couple of ladies here at work are doing it also. I think one, Karen, contacted you and bought your program and is steadily working away on it… Cheers!
LB (Florida)

Hi Anne!
I have e-mailed you before Anne and am happy to report that… I have lost almost 40 lbs. I work out six days a week in a gym and I feel wonderful. Thank you for making the diet so easy for people like me who hate to diet.
Anne M (Pennsylvania)

I purchased your diet plan last june, and up to date I have managed with ease to loose 52 pounds, the weight came off very easily (although steadily), AND I FEEL WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for your wonderful plan.
WJ (Kentucky)

Dear Anne,
My wife and I chose your plan 17 weeks ago as the diet that we felt most closely compared to the way our doctor advised us to diet. My wife’s goal is to lose 80 lbs. and mine is to lose 50 lbs…. I am happy to report very pleasing progress and that we are very happy with the results and the way we are feeling. My wife has lost 23 pounds and I have lost 27.5. We have found the diet easy to follow and it actually contains many foods that we really like. Two other very positive changes we have found are the habits of always eating breakfast and always sitting down at a table to eat as a family. These practices have provided us benefits far beyond just losing weight.
G and D (Alabama)

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Hi Anne,
Just a quick update on my progress so far with your diet. It has now been 11 weeks and I have shed 20 pounds. The realization of just how much weight this is came when I grabbed two 10 pound bags of potatoes and jumped on the scales. Wow! I was carrying that much extra baggage?
Jack (New Jersey)

Just a note to thank you for your diet. I don’t have any questions; I just thought you might like to hear another success story. I believed I could not lose weight, being 61 years old and not active at all. And except for all that evening snacking, I thought I ate pretty well. I had decided to try a healthy, smart diet and was thrilled to find yours. Exactly what I wanted and needed. Like many others, I had tried and failed over and over. But this is the perfect diet, I think. Normal, everyday food, balanced, healthy. There have been some setbacks, of course. A time last fall when life was too hectic and stressful. I stopped for a month and a half. And then later, my friend, a lively 75, got married in December. I spent a lot of time with her travelling, shopping, looking for the room for that special first night, etc. I gained 3 pounds. And lost it. I was 177 pounds when I started. I am now 155. I hope to lose a bit more. Ten pounds or so. And I am sure I can do it. I am looking forward to the summer clothes coming into the stores and a gigantic shopping spree. I have become more active. Your diet was extremely encouraging, and taught me how to eat. I am looking and feeling so much better. Healthwise I know I will reap the benefits. Thank you so much.
DD (Canada)

Hi Anne, I have lost 23 pounds and reached my target of 105 pounds!!!!!!! I’m doing a lot of exercise classes (2 aerobics, 1 pilates and 1 yoga and we just joined the gym again as well) and I’m walking a lot, so it’s all getting well toned – just waiting for the fat to drop off (what’s left of it!!) so I can show it off!! I love your recipes and all of us feel a lot healthier and fitter than we have in ages. Thank you so very much, Anne.

Anne, It’s been a pleasure to be on your diet. It might interest you to know that I’ve lost about 60 pounds since January. Blessings.

Hey Anne, Well the holidays have finally arrived (thank God!). Checked my weight on Sun and I was 217 pounds, so not quite down to the orginial target I set myself in the beginning (209 pounds) but not too far off. Also in terms of long term goals, I’m exactly half way there – I’ve lost 56 pounds so far – another 50 pounds and I’ll hit my target weight. So still on target! Which is great cause my brothers wedding is soon and that’s my next big focus and motivation for losing weight. So just going to enjoy the next 2 weeks and I’ll email on my return and let you know the news (be it good or bad!).

I just came from a check up with my doctor. With your diet I have lost 19 pounds and lowered my cholesterol from 245 to 180. Thank you so much for your easy to follow diet.

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