How to Lower Cholesterol Levels Without Drugs

How to Lower Cholesterol Levels Without Drugs
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You can do a number of things to reduce your blood cholesterol levels and thus lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. The most beneficial actions include:

(1) Following a healthy diet
You need to choose the correct type of dietary fat, and reduce your intake of high-cholesterol foods. In addition, your daily diet should include regular amounts of fresh fruit, vegetables and dietary fiber (especially soluble fiber).

(2) Taking regular exercise
Regular cardio-aerobic exercise (like walking, swimming) is essential to maintain the strength and resilience of your cardiovascular system.

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(3) Making lifestyle improvements
Includes weight reduction if overweight or obese; quitting smoking; normalizing alcohol intake.

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Follow Anne Collins Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

This is a highly successful cholesterol-lowering diet, with tons of personal support to help you reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, while raising your HDL levels. All cholesterol and fat values in the diet are based on recommendations from: (1) The National Cholesterol Education Program’s Expert Panel on Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults, or ATP III; (2) The American Heart Association.

What People Say About Anne Collins Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

The following comments are reprinted directly from Anne Collins Weight Loss Forum. To preserve privacy, all identifying names have been removed.

I haven’t posted my weight in weeks because I was getting so discouraged with the lack of movement on the scales part! I had been working so hard and my scale would not move past that icky 200! This week I bit the bullet and stepped on the stubborn thing and saw (drumroll, please) 196!! Not only that but my doctor called me personally at work to tell me that I won’t have to take cholesteral meds. My LDL had been 164 the first of the year. It is now 104! I really feel like my body is ready to let go of the fat and maybe it won’t be so hard from now on. Thanks Anne for not letting me give up! And thanks to all of you for all the encouragement.


“I started this diet four months ago motivated to lower a 261 cholestrol level. The plan at that time was to be good for three months and see where it got me. Its been four months of healthier eating, and some of it is starting to become habit. This time I think the pounds are gone for good! This make 30 pounds in less than 4 months. But hear this… my Cholesterol Count over the past few months has dropped from 261 to 204. I am so thrilled…”


“I started on the cholesterol diet in Nov 2004. I got a letter from my doctor with my physical results and my cholesterol has changed dramatically since last January!

Overall: 188 (was over 260)
HDL: 36 (still needs some work)
LDL: 127 (was over 150)
Triglycerides: 124!! (was over 300!)

That is amazing considering my family history of terrible cholesterol.”


I have been on your program for one week now. My high-blood pressure is going down & my cholesterol reading is in the normal range. (Thank you SO MUCH)


… my cholesterol went down to 174 following the cholesterol lowering diet. I am so happy because it is an early birthday present!!


I lowered my cholesterol from 250 to 195 by exercise eating better (thanks to Anne),Best wishes to everyone, your support is heartwarming!


Thank your for your reply and for caring. I can really feel that you’re sincere and help others along their weight loss battles. My blood work and fitness tests have all come back EXCELLENT. I feel great. I’ve got 20 more pounds to go. I’ve loss 20 already. I’m on a roll. Thanks again for caring about us all!


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