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Advice About Ideal Weight
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I believe there is no such thing as an “ideal weight.” I think our weight and shape are intensely personal issues, that we should decide for ourselves, using common sense and personal choice.

]]> ]]> Common Sense Means an Ideal Weight Should be Healthy

Common sense dictates that we should try to maintain our weight within a healthy range, and avoid the discomfort and potential health risks of being overweight or obese. After all, if our weight prevents us from playing with our children, or keeping active, or if it causes us low self-esteem, it’s not ideal. However, the human race is multi-cultural. So conventional Western ideas of what constitutes a healthy weight (based on body mass index) may not apply to all races and cultures. For more information, click Healthy Weight Range.

Personal Choice Means You Decide What Weight is Best For You

Once you are inside the healthy weight range, it’s a matter of personal choice as to what is an ideal weight for you. If you prefer an ultra-lean, toned shape, go for it! Watch your calories, go to the gym, work your abs and glutes, and enjoy reducing your body fat percentage to an absolute minimum. However, if you don’t have any interest in sculpting the “perfect” shape for yourself, and are happy to be in the upper healthy weight range for your height, then that’s fine too.

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Be Happy With Your Weight

The most important thing is to find a weight that makes you happy. So ignore the absurd thin shapes in womens glossy magazines – models average only about 75 percent of a ‘normal’ person’s weight – ignore what your mother-in-law says about the body shape you ‘ought to have’, and choose the weight level that makes you feel good. In other words, have confidence in your ability to decide on the best weight.

Allow Others to Choose Their Best Weight

Be tolerant of others and allow them to decide on an ideal weight for themselves. For example, if you have children or younger sisters, don’t inflict your ideas of what consitutes an ideal weight, on them. I know many children who have grown into obese adults because of pressure in their teens from a thin mom. Similarly, if your best friend (who is the same weight as yourself) decides to lose weight, don’t feel threatened or resentful.

If Your Weight is Not Ideal – Be Happy Anyway!

In the real world, not everyone can be an ideal weight. As a weight management consultant I’m not supposed to say this, but it’s true. Difficult pregnancies, stress, worry about family and jobs, plus a million other things often prevent us from maintaining a normal – let alone an ideal – weight. In such cases, the best approach is not to worry – worrying simply makes us gain even more weight. Instead, focus on the things you can achieve and enjoy the ride!

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