Nutrition Resources For Pregnant Moms

Nutrition Resources For Pregnant Moms
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Nutrition Resources

Here is a list of articles, books and other resources concerning healthy eating for expectant mothers.


Pregnancy and the Vegan Diet. Debra Wasserman and Reed Mangels. In: Simply Vegan: Quick Vegetarian Meals. 3rd edition. Baltimore, MD: The Vegetarian Resource Group. 1999. pp. 178-198.

Pregnancy Nutrition: Good Health for You and Your Baby. Elizabeth M. Ward and The American Dietetic Association. Minneapolis, MN: Chronimed Publishing. 1998. 96 pp.

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Eating Expectantly: The Essential Eating Guide and Cookbook for Pregnancy. 2nd edition. Bridget Swinney. Colorado Springs, CO: Fall River Press. 1996.

The Pregnancy Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Nine Months of Healthy Eating. Marsha Hudnall and Donna Shields. New York, NY: The Berkeley Publishing Group. 1995. 301 pp.

Take Two Crackers and Call Me in the Morning!: A Real-Life Guide for Surviving Morning Sickness. (Spanish title: Coma Dos Galletas y me Llama Manana en la Manana! 1998). Miriam Erick. Brookline, MA: Grinnen-Barrett Publishing Company. 1995. 72 pp.

A Guide to Eating Right During Pregnancy. Susan Kagen Podell. New York, NY: Doubleday. 1993. 46 pp.

Eating for Two: The Complete Guide to Nutrition During Pregnancy. Mary Abbott Hess and Elise Hunt. New York, NY: Collier Books, Macmillan Publishing Company. 1992. 324 pp.


Pregnant and Growing. KNB Productions. 1998. Available from: Altschul Group Corporation Educational Media, 1560 Sherman Avenue, Suite 100, Evanston, IL 60201. (800) 421-2363. Fax: (847) 328-6706. Includes: 23 minute (VHS) videocassette and accompanying recipe booklet (8 recipes). Content: Three teenage moms-to-be share thoughts on eating well, meal planning, calcium intake, weight gain, and the role that good nutritional habits play in the health of their baby. Teens promote the message that the better you take care of yourself during pregnancy the better chance of having a healthy baby now, and in the future.

Before Your Pregnancy: Prepare Your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy, Expert Advice on Nutrition and Exercise. Amy Ogle. 1997. Available from: Before Your Pregnancy, 3726 Dupont Street, San Diego, CA 92106. (800) 955-5115. Includes: 30 minute (VHS) videocassette and accompanying booklet. Content: Current nutrition and exercise recommendations for use by perspective mothers and fathers.

E*T*C Eating, Teens & Calcium. Seattle, WA: S. Gins. 1997. Available from: Nourish, 2915 Madison Street, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98112. (206) 328-4488. Fax (425) 483-6334. Includes: 10 min (VHS) videocassette and worksheet and quiz. Content: Explains why pregnant teens need more calcium to build strong bones for themselves and their baby. Emphasizes non-dairy foods that are high in calcium and shows teens how to prepare them.

Baby to Be: The Video Guide to Pregnancy (Also available in Spanish). Poly Health Media. 1996. Available from Poly Health Media, (800) 370-3456, or InJoy Videos, 1435 Yarmouth, Suite 102, Boulder, CO 80304. (800) 326-2082, (303) 447-2082. Fax (303) 449-8788. Includes: 53 minute (VHS) videocassette. Content: Divided into 10 chapters covering pregnancy topics including managing the discomforts of pregnancy, prenatal care, fetal and maternal development, nutrition, substance use and abuse, exercise, as well as offering emotional reassurance and support.

Making a Difference: A Mother’s Guide to Prenatal Care (Also available in Spanish). Boulder, CO: InJoy Productions. 1996. Available from InJoy Videos, 1435 Yarmouth, Suite 102, Boulder, CO 80304. (800) 326-2082, (303) 447-2082. Fax (303) 449-8788. Includes: 17 minute (VHS) videocassette. Content: Stresses the importance of prenatal care. Includes sections on what to expect at appointments, good nutrition, overall well-being and exercise. Includes information on common discomforts and the dangers of substance abuse during pregnancy.


Food and Nutrition Information Center, National Agricultural Library. Phone: 301-504-5719

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