How to Lose Fat From Thighs and Hips – Checklist

How to Reduce Fat from Thighs - Checklist
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Use this checklist to help pinpoint the problem 1. Are you following a sensible lower fat diet?

Our body seems to distinguish between calories from fat and calories from other sources. Dietary fat is less easy for our body to break down, so it tends to use other foods first and burns fat later. Therefore, a larger proportion of the fat we eat goes into storage and if you happen to be female, then the bulk of it will go on your hips, thighs, and butt.

]]> ]]> 2. Are you over-exercising, without stretching afterwards?

This can build up bulky muscles on the thighs. The moral? Don’t over-exercise and always finish thigh exercises by stretching the muscles to lengthen them. See Exercises

3. Are your hormones changing/off-balance?

Hormonal imbalance can contribute to fluid/fat retention on the thighs. In my experience, it can also contribute to the appearance of ‘cellulite’ on the thighs, which gives them the appearance of being fatter, even if your weight has remained the same. For more advice, see your doctor.

4. Are you a careless vegetarian?

Many young women follow vegetarian diets which are high in fat, without realising it. Many vegetarian frozen foods contain a high percentage of fat as well as salt. Too much salt can lead to fluid retention which can play havoc with weight. Also, I find that many young vegetarians tend to eat more junk food like fries, potato chips and candy or chocolate. Suggestion: See what you are eating; keep a food diary for 2 weeks.

5. Are your iron levels adequate?

Many women suffer from low iron levels. This leads to lethargy and makes it difficult to lose weight. Low iron levels can be the result of heavy periods, lack of iron in the diet or problems with iron storage. Vegetarians often have difficulty in getting enough iron from their diet. If in doubt, ask your doctor to test your iron-level.

6. Do you drink a lot of alcohol?

Alcohol is a toxin which every body has difficulty dealing with. If you drink large quantities at one time your liver gets really over-worked and dumps the excess toxins into the bloodstream. Guess where it ends up? That’s right – your thighs! This leads to the appearance of cellulite on the thighs.

Suggestion: Try to avoid drinking a lot of alcohol at one time. Also, no matter how much you drink, always drink lots of water afterwards to help dilute the alcohol and cleanse the body. You’ll notice a big difference to your normal hangover!

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