No hunger. Why Anne Collins weight loss diet is so easy.

It allows you lots of food

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What slimmers say about Anne’s diet

‘I didn’t think it was possible to eat so much and still lose weight’ 
Maureen, aged 34. Lost 84 pounds

‘Anne’s diet is absolutely great. 
I’ve lost all my excess weight without going hungry’
Frances, aged 50. Lost 35 pounds

‘I still can’t believe I can eat so much and still lose weight’
Sinead, aged 29. Lost 56 pounds

‘I couldn’t believe it was possible to diet and eat so much’
Diana, aged 33. Lost 84 pounds

Weight-loss has nothing to do with eating less
We’re not fat because we eat too much. It’s because we eat too much fatty food. So dieting doesn’t mean eating less: it simply means eating differently.

Anne’s diet helps you to eat more and weigh less
Anne’s diet re-trains you to eat less fattening food. Result? You eat more but weigh less. No gimmicks. No magic. Just food.

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The Anne Collins Diet
The easy weight loss plan for hopeless slimmers

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