Easy to stick to. Anne Collins easy weight loss diet.

It’s easy to stick to

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Many weight-loss plans are too difficult to stick to
Why? Because they tell you to eat less!
Result? You get so hungry and miserable that you eat biscuits/cookies. 
Result? Goodbye diet. 
Result? You feel more guilty and even more miserable. 
Result? You eat more biscuits/cookies and get even fatter.

My diet is easy to stick to – here’s why
Anne’s diet doesn’t tell you to eat less: it tells you to eat more!
Result? Your tummy fills up with lots of lovely food so you hardly notice you’re on a diet. And gradually, you get slimmer and slimmer. 
No gimmicks. No magic. Just lots of lovely food.

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The Anne Collins Diet
The easy weight loss plan for hopeless slimmers

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