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According to many psycho-babble weight loss experts, we find it easier to lose weight when we can ‘see’ it, or visualize it.

I agree! Losing weight is definitely easier when you have a clear view of how you look when you have achieved your long term weight loss goal.

]]> ]]> How to Visualize Yourself As a Slim Person

1. Close your eyes. Forget about your fat thighs, your excess weight, and your overweight body!

2. Try to imagine how you are going to feel when you reach your perfect weight and shape.

  • Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a really shapely figure.
  • Imagine other people admiring your slim thighs.
  • Imagine walking around in a pair of skimpy jeans and sneakers.
  • Imagine your partner slipping his arms around your slim waist
    on the dance floor.
  • Imagine joining an aerobics class and exercising to music while showing off your slim figure. And so on…

3. Visualize your new SLIM self in as much detail as possible.

  • See it
  • Feel it
  • Taste it!

4. Repeat this exercise each day, until you can really SEE your weight loss and really SEE these new situations.

The Weight Loss Benefit

Your mind is a very powerful instrument. By visualizing yourself as a new slim person who does not have a weight problem, you will make this dream seem much more REAL. Result? It becomes easier to achieve and your motivation to lose weight will get stronger.

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