Weight Loss Advertising Claims

Weight Loss Advertising
Consumer Warning From FTC About Phony Weight Loss Claims And Fraudulent Diet Ads Diet HomeWeight Loss Help Fraudulent Weight Loss Ads

When we are desperate to lose weight, we’ll try anything – fad diets, weight loss supplements/drugs, or any weight loss product that takes our fancy. Trouble is, many so-called weight loss products are fraudulent.

FTC Weight Loss Ads Warning

According to the US Federal Trade Commision (FTC):

“The world of weight-loss advertising is a fraudulent fantasy land where pounds “melt away,” and no diet or exercise is required…”

The FTC warns people wanting to reduce weight that the use of deceptive and misleading claims in weight-loss advertising is rampant. Nearly 40 percent of ads in a study by FTC regulators contained deceptive claims like “You can lose 18 pounds in one week.”

]]> ]]> So-Called “Secrets” Of Weight Reduction

Throughout the Internet, you’ll find companies advertising products and programs offering “instant” fat loss. They claim to have discovered new ways of losing body fat – which no one else knows!! But ask yourself this question: if there really WAS a new easy way of reducing body fat, don’t you think CNN and all the other TV and radio stations would be talking about it? Wouldn’t this new diet be front page news in the New York Times? Typically, these claims of rapid fat reduction are inaccurate and often fraudulent.

An Honest Weight Loss Program For Life – No False Promises!

If you really want to lose weight for life, and you’re looking for a program which offers REAL HELP, without any snake oil, join Anne Collins Weight Loss Plan. Packed with delicious food, “brilliant” weight-motivation tips, plus advice on exercise and nutrition, it’s the BEST VALUE MOST HONEST diet program on the Net.


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