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Colette has lost 60 pounds in the last 7 months. She has 25 more to go to reach her weight loss goal.

Read What Colette Says

“I hit 221 pounds in August 2005. I was fed up with being tired all the time, of feeling constant fear of possible future illness, of only being able to shop for clothing in 2 different stores for 15 straight years, for feeling invisible and being tormented by all the feelings of low self esteem and lack of value and looking older then I was.

I had all the same negative feelings I had struggled with for 15 years but could never seem to get it together enough to do something about it or succeed at a diet or exercise program.

Then I found Anne Collins diet program and support forum on the internet and the rest is history. It has been a place filled with people who all share the same issues as me and have the same struggles to overcome and can testify to many many failed diets behind them.

I have lost 60 pounds of body fat in the last 7 months and am still working on the last 25 pounds. I have made incredibly wonderful friends on the forum. I have never felt like I had to do this alone for 1 minute since starting. Anne has always been there for everybody with excellent advice and tips to overcome different common issues and I couldn’t recommend a better site in the world to join and achieve the success you have so long wanted and couldn’t find. You can’t help but succeed with Anne’s program and forum.

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Picture of Colette Before Losing Weight


Picture of Colette After Losing Weight

You can talk to Colette and see TONS more amazing before-and-after photographs of other members on Anne Collins wonderful weight loss support forum.

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