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A Weight Management Program For Optimum Health and Weight

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program
No Gimmicks. Just Great Diets and REAL Personal Support To Help You Lose Weight And Eat Right

Anne Collins Weight Management Program

Obesity Reduction Success

Anne Collins weight loss program is used by doctors in obesity clinics, and by dieters throughout America and in 20 countries worldwide. Each year, Anne Collins website attracts 10 million visitors, of whom over 250,000 have joined her program.

A Weight Management Program That Helps Everyone

Over the past 24 years, Anne has helped a huge number of people to lose weight and regain control of their lives. They include celebrities, as well as ordinary individuals of every size – from 600 pounds downward. She helps women with hypothyroidism, diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS, digestive disorders, menopausal problems and many other conditions. The heart of the program is our weight loss support forum.

Our Community Weight Loss Forum

Our program provides a high level of dietary and motivational support via our active online weight loss forum. The forum has thousands of active members, over 100,000 posts covering over 2,000 issues about diet, calories, weight control, health and exercise.

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Text-Only Pages

If you prefer to browse text-only pages, see below for an outline of Anne Collins weight management program.

Just remember: our program is different because we assume that you ARE going to have bad days and that you ARE going to need help and motivation to reach your weight loss goals. So we give you REAL help to reduce weight, every step of the way.

See How Effective Our Program Is

See Lots Of “Before and After Photos” of Members
See amazing pictures of massive weight loss.
Why Members Love Our Weight Loss Program
Read how our members are losing weight and changing their lives in the process.

Exactly What You Get When You Join

1. You Get 9 Great Diet Plans – Try Them All!

Our weight loss program includes 9 complete calorie-controlled eating plans, designed for optimum weight control. All diets contain regular food, available in most food stores, plus a wide variety of options for picky eaters. You can browse all the diets, or download each of them in seconds.

Diet Plans Index
Summary of our diet programs.
GI Diet
To improve blood sugar levels.
Balanced Diet Plan
Balanced eating for healthy weight reduction.
Low Calorie Booster Diet
To boost fat loss or get rid of those last 10-15 stubborn pounds.
Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Reduces hypercholesterolemia, improves HDL, LDL and hypertriglyceridemia.
Healthy Low Carb Diet
For fastest possible fat reduction.
“10-Minute Meals” Convenience Diet
An eating plan for dieters who don’t have time to cook.
Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet
The easiest vegetarian diet you will ever see.
Diet For Life
A healthy weight loss plan for life.
Vegetarian Diet For Life
A veggie plan for life.
Guide To Diet Meals
Index of menus for all diets.

2. You Get FREE Membership to Our Wonderful Community Forum

When you join our weight loss program you receive FREE membership to our active community forum. We have separate sections covering: weekly weigh-in, diet questions, finding a diet buddy, personal diet/exercise journals, diet recipes, exercise and fitness, and much more. Lose weight and make lots of great friends with people just like you. For details, click: Weight Loss Support Forum

3. You Get FREE Motivation Tips And Diet Information

Our program includes tons of motivation tips, plus information about weight reduction, calorie control and calorie-burning.
For details, click: Weight Loss Diet Information

4. You Get FREE Personal Support At All Times

As a member of our weight loss program you can get FREE help and support to lose weight 365 days a year.
For details, click: Weight Loss Support

5. You Get The BEST VALUE Weight Loss Program On The Internet

Compare our amazing low price with those of other weight control programs, like Weight Watchers and Ediets.
For details, click: Best Value Weight Loss Diet

Additional Information

Answers to all your popular questions about our weight loss diet program.
Our Diet Program Is Medically Approved
Read why doctors think our weight reduction program is so good.
Looking For A Diet to Reduce Your Cholesterol?
See how our cholesterol-lowering diet improves hyperlipidemia, HDL, LDL and triglycerides.
What Impresses Members About Our Weight Loss Program
Read how members are losing weight, often for the first time in their lives.

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