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Here are answers to some of the most popular questions concerning overweight, obesity, dieting, exercise and general weight management. Also included are articles about motivation and weight loss help for teenagers, as well as some suggestions for weight control after pregnancy, while nursing, and during mid-life menopause. For a light-hearted view of your chances of losing weight start by taking Anne Collins Diet Quiz – click Questions About Weight Loss.


Weight and Health Issues
Our weight and diet has a direct influence on our health. Untreated obesity ultimately has serious health consequences, but weight loss of as little as 10-20 pounds can remove the need for medication for high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes. Modest weight loss can also raise ‘good’ HDL cholesterol and lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, thus reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.

See Before/After Pictures of Weight Loss
What is a Healthy Weight?
Guide to Successful Weight Management
How to Reduce a Fat Belly?
How is Obesity and Obesity-Related Disease Treated?
What are the Health Risks of Obesity?
The Connection Between Obesity and Breast Cancer
Obesity Statistics
Obesity Diet
What Causes Weight Gain?
What Other Factors Influence Weight Gain?
How to Reduce Mid-Life Weight Gain?
How to Manage Weight When You Suffer From Depression
General Advice About Hypothyroidism, Weight Gain and Diet
Unexplained Weight Loss in Adults
Body Mass Index Chart to See Your BMI Score
How to Estimate a Healthy Weight?
What is Your Ideal Weight?
Healthy Cholesterol Levels For Optimum Heart Health
What’s the Best Way to Lower Cholesterol Levels?
Support to Lose Weight
Weight Loss Advice For Men
Dieting Advice For Men
Diet Plan For Men
Weight Loss Tips For Men
Motivation For Men

For an explanation of how surplus calories from carbs, fats and protein are stored as body fat, please see: Body Fat/Adipose Tissue – Why We Gain Fat

Advice and Help On Losing Weight
The best advice I can give you is to join my weight loss program. Solo attempts to lose weight rarely work – changing our eating and exercise habits needs support.

Help Anne! I’m So Overweight!
My Weight Loss Philosophy – by Anne Collins
Does Diet and Exercise Really Work?
What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?
Should You Count Calories or Carbs?
How Fast Can You Lose Weight?
What are the Best Weight Loss Goals
Easy Ways to Lose Weight
More Ways to Reduce Weight
Why Does Weight Reduction Stop?
How to Lose Your Final 10 Pounds of Fat
How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy
How to Control Weight When Breastfeeding
Why is Water Beneficial For Weight Loss?
Weight Loss Success Stories
What Can Celebrity Diets Teach Us About Weight Reduction?
Does Your Zodiac Star Sign Influence Your Weight?
How to Look Thinner Without Dieting
Water Retention And PMS
Causes Of Water Retention
Water Retention Diet

Help to Reduce/Burn Calories
Calorie-counting is very useful to monitor energy-intake and expenditure. Keeping a food-journal helps us to find out exactly how much food we’re eating and where calorie-savings can be made, if necessary.

Calories in Food
Quick Guide to Calorie Needs
How Many Calories Are Used Up by Exercise
What’s the Best Type of Exercise to Burn Calories?
Can You Lose Body Fat by Exercise Alone?
Health Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise: What are the Facts?
Exercise Information and Help

Motivation Help to Lose Weight
We gain weight because we eat too much or exercise too little, or both. Losing weight means changing these old habits, which is almost impossible unless we have a strong incentive. Most dieters don’t have a proper incentive, so they spend years dieting and end up more overweight than ever. Click below to avoid this problem!

Why Hunger is the Biggest Obstacle to Losing Weight
What’s the Biggest Distraction For Dieters?
What’s One of the Biggest Weight Loss Problems Facing Women Dieters?
How a Weight Loss Journal Helps You to Lose Fat
I Don’t Have the Patience to Lose Weight!
How to Stay Motivated When Trying to Manage Weight?
“Brilliant” Weight Loss Motivation Advice

Weight Loss Help For Teenagers
Teens are very vulnerable to obesity, disordered eating patterns and even eating disorders. Click below for facts about healthy weight for adolescents and teens, and advice on how to manage teen weight problems.

Weight Chart For Girls
Weight Chart For Boys
Prevalence of Child Obesity
Causes of Child Obesity
Weight Loss Eating Tips For Teens
Exercise Boosts Teenage Weight Reduction
Advice For Teens – Weight Control Methods That Don’t Work
Teen Eating Disorders
Teenage Anxiety About Body Shape
Help For Parents of Overweight Children

Dieting Help – Foods, Recipes, Cooking
Fast food doesn’t have to be hamburgers and fries. It’s easy to cook fast meals, if you know how, and save yourself money and a ton of calories in the process. Click below for super-easy recipes and practical diet advice.

Guide to Healthy Diet
Principles of Healthy Eating
Diet For Optimum Weight – 4 Suggestions
GI Diet Method
How Food Portion Sizes Affect Calorie Intake
How the Glycemic Index Helps Weight Control
What Low-Calorie Snacks Satisfy a Sweet Tooth?
Fast Food and Fast Cooking For Healthy Weight Loss
Quick Foods to Help You Lose Weight
Fast Food Recipes to Help You Manage Weight
How to Cook Fast Food
Fast One-Pot Recipe
How Much Water Do You Need to Drink?
What are the Best Vitamins for Weight Control?
What are the Best Minerals for Weight Control?
Healthy Diets and Eating Plans For Women

Do You Need Extra Help to Lose Weight?
Read About Anne Collins AWESOME Personal Support Forum

Other Ways to Lose Weight
FDA-approved obesity drugs can help, in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise. Unfortunately, long term results are typically unimpressive. Bariatric operations, such as Lap-Band or gastric bypass, produce much more spectacular weight loss results, although a significant minority of bariatric patients end up regaining some or all of the weight lost.

Obesity Medication

Using Drugs to Reduce Obesity
Facts About the Obesity Drug Meridia®
Facts About the Obesity Drug Xenical®
The Use of Supplements to Reduce Weight
The Health Risks of Non-Prescription Diet Pills

Gastric Reduction Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Guide
Health Dangers of Bariatric Surgery For Severe Obesity
Health Dangers of Gastric Bypass Surgery
Does Bariatric Surgery Reduce Obesity?

I Will Help You

No matter how overweight you are, or what your weight history is, if you need help then I’m here for you. My weight reduction program is probably the best value program on the entire Net, but this is isn’t why you should join. The real reason you should join is because if offers the best weight loss support of any program I’ve ever seen. Our weight loss forum is packed with friendly members who help each other to move mountains, which is why tons of them are losing weight for the first time in their lives. I run the forum personally with the help of a wonderful group of moderators, but it’s our members who make it so special. So if you need extra encouragement to achieve your weight loss goals, look no further. Join our awesome weight loss community and be part of something special.

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