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Diet programs should offer proper support. Simply offering a calorie controlled eating plan with a little exercise advice, isn’t good enough. An effective weight loss plan should provide regular diet support to help you improve your regular eating habits. Because only by learning how to make good food choices will you reduce weight in the long term. Even bariatric surgery is ineffective unless patients follow post-operative dietary guidelines. The same applies to obesity treatment programs incorporating drugs. Weight loss is too difficult to maintain unless we improve our regular daily diet. And this requires help. Help to overcome comfort-eating and all the other obstacles we encounter when dieting.


If you want to join a healthy weight loss program (rather than a fad diet), annecollins.com has tons of diet options to choose from. For example, if you have raised cholesterol and want to reduce weight, see our Cholesterol Lowering Diet. If you have insulin resistance, diabetes or PCOS, or simply prefer only the healthiest carbs, see our Low GI Diet. If your aim is rapid weight loss, check out our Healthy Low Carb Diet, or our Low Calorie Diet. We also provide a special Healthy Balanced Diet and a Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan.

The big issue about losing weight is motivation, which is why our weight loss program includes FREE membership to our Weight Loss Forum. Community help to lose weight is our specialty!

So, whether you are obese, overweight or simply anxious to lose your last 10 pounds, we can help you to lose weight without regain!

Weight Loss Help
Guide to healthy weight reduction.

Weight Loss Tips Guide
Advice about diet and fat reduction.

Weight Management Guide
Guide to long term weight loss.

Weight Loss Diet Guide
Advice about Anne Collins weight management program.

Healthy Diet Advice
Guide to Healthy dieting.

Guide To Calories In Food
Advice about calorie content of food, calorie intake and calorie needs.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Diet plan to reduce raised serum cholesterol.

Low GI Diet
Diet plan based on Glycemic Index, with low GI foods.

Diet For High Blood Pressure
Diet plan to treat hypertension.

Reviews Of Diets And Weight Loss Programs
Review of popular diet plans.

Obesity Diet Guide
Diet plan to reduce body mass index.

Guide To Obesity
Advice for mild, severe, morbid and super obese. Plus abdominal obesity help.

Bariatric Surgery Guide
Advice about Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, Lap band and other gastric reduction operations, including laparoscopy.

Weight Loss Drugs To Reduce Obesity
Guide to obesity medications.

Accelerate Weight Loss Programs
You may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts without realizing it. Get your Free report, ‘Five Hidden Causes of Weight Gain’.

A Plus Online Weight Loss
Weight loss with Weight Watchers online program – I lost weight, you can too.

Australian Weight Loss Program
Low Gi-food Diet plan for Australian dieters.

BeeSlender Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Diet Program. Internet-based counseling. Psychologists, nutritionists and exercise physiologists provide emailed lessons and daily diet, exercise and lifestyle counseling.

Home Weight Loss Programs
Simple but effective home weight loss programs that work.

Weight Loss Program
Lose weight with natural weight loss programs, supplements and products.

Weight Loss That Stays Lost
The Enzyme Diet uses the power of enzymes to support your metabolism. With a 100% natural, whole food meal replacement shake, you lose weight the safe and healthy way.

The Zone Diet Plan .com
A simple guide to enjoying the health and weight loss benefits of “The Zone” diet plan.

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