Weight Management Program For Obese Patients

Weight Loss Program For Obese Patients

  Anne Collins
Weight Management Program Information For Doctors

If you are a doctor and you are looking for a healthy weight management program to recommend to overweight patients, here is a short outline of what my program offers and how it helps people of all ages to reduce weight.

Diet Plans
How To Join and What is the Cost

Real Weight Loss Support

Trying to lose weight on your own is difficult at the best of times, but when you are obese or seriously overweight it’s almost impossible. This is why the foundation of my weight management program is my
Diet and Weight Loss Forum, which offers 365-day help and encouragement to all members.

I personally manage the forum, with the support of a fantastic group of dedicated moderators and thousands of friendly members. It’s a truly wonderful weight loss community with nearly 100,000 posts and thousands of threads on every conceivable topic and problem associated with diet-motivation, weight reduction, healthy eating, exercise, cooking and food recipes.

This type of personal support makes it much easier to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits, which is why weight loss results among obese members are so spectacular. We have members regularly achieving weight losses of 60-pounds, 80-pounds, even 100-pounds.

Healthy Diet Plans

My weight management program includes 9 complete diet plans, all calorie-controlled and all designed to improve eating habits. They contain ordinary foods – with no supplements, bars or other gimmicks – which the whole family can enjoy. For details, including sample menus and comments from members, click the resources below.

Balanced Diet
Low-GI Diet
Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Low Carb Diet
14-Day Low Calorie Diet
Meals-in-10-Minutes Diet
Vegetarian Diet
Maintenance Diet For Life
Vegetarian Maintenance Diet For Life

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Information On Nutrition, Exercise and Motivation

Also included in my weight management program is a wide range of advice about dietary nutrition (vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber), practical tips about aerobic and strength-training exercise to burn extra calories and raise metabolism, plus hundreds of motivation tips – drawn from real-life case-histories – to help members reduce weight no matter what distractions they encounter.

In addition, there are hundreds of specific tips about nutrition, exercise and motivation on our weight loss forum. In fact, we have separate forums which deal with exercise and fitness, diet discussion topics and motivation to lose weight.

How To Join

The Anne Collins Weight Management Program is an online program, so you must have a computer and access to the Internet. You can join by PayPal or credit card.

When you join, you are asked for a Username and Password. These login details allow you instant access to:

The Total Cost

The total cost of 12-months membership is $19.97. This is payable upon joining. There are no extras of any kind. Other similar programs charge as much as $250 for 12-months.
Weight Loss Program Cost Comparison


My weight management program is much more than a series of healthy eating and exercise instructions – it’s a real community packed with friendly supportive members who cheer each other’s successes and help each other through the difficult times. For anyone with mild obesity (BMI >30) or severe obesity (BMI > 35), this program offers a real opportunity to normalize weight and improve health.

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